A good drink is known to enhance the experience of a meal, so what about a great drynk?

Matching food with wine has been going on for centuries, with experts and enthusiasts finding ways to complement and enrich their dishes by carefully pairing the flavours. The good news is that the food and beer ‘matching movement’ has been getting stronger in recent years meaning that those of us who prefer a good beer or cider can also enjoy an enhanced eating experience.

Artisan and craft beers mean that there are many more options out there, and Drynks’ selection of beer and cider is no exception.

Where you’re going you don’t need no… rules

The good news is that as you start your journey into pairing food and beer, there are basically no rules to follow! As with any food and drink, the flavour of beer and cider is totally subjective and where one person might like their flavours to be really strong, others may prefer a subtler approach.

Obviously the most important thing is to properly taste your drynk. Crack it open, take a good sniff and then a generous sip, letting the flavours flow over your tongue. Think about what characteristics you can pick up on and then you’re ready to go!

There are some general guidelines that are worth considering as you take your first steps in becoming a drynks tasting master:

  1. Contrast: You can make a good contrasting match by choosing a dish that has one dominant flavour that your chosen drynk let’s shine through.
  2. Complement: Sometimes, it’s all about the subtleties so let your drynk sit nicely alongside a similar type dish i.e. a light beer with a light salad.
  3. Cleanse: Palate cleansers have been used in various cuisine for many years and our refreshing drynks are a great way to cool down spice levels or cut through fattiness.

Exciting AF food and drynk combos:

Smashed Lager:

Our Smashed Lager has a clean taste and is perfectly balanced with hints of barley malt, aromatic floral notes and a mild, hoppy bitterness.

The subtle bitterness of our Smashed Lager means that it works well with a myriad of flavours and can work as a palate cleanser, as well as being able to stand up to more smoky and aromatic flavours.

  • Roast Chicken – The refreshing ‘hoppiness’ of the lager will cut through the tender meat and work to gently cleanse the palate.
  • Seafood and fish – Strong seafood like oysters, calamari and crab can stand up nicely to the flavours in our Smashed Lager. Salmon is another option that is great with lager, as it is oily and therefore complements the floral notes of the drynk. Try a Mediterranean mix of herbs and spices for a really tasty meal.
  • BBQ – A good BBQ is never the same without a good drynk in your hand. Our Smashed Lager works particularly well with slightly fatty sausages, burgers or even Buffalo wings cooked over a flame!

Smashed Cider:

Our cider is crisp and lightly carbonated and offers great refreshment due to its balance of sharpness, sweetness and a crisp bite.

Ciders are generally known to be great thirst-quenchers, but people don’t often think of them when needing a drink to complement their food. However, there are some great combinations that are definitely worth exploring:

  • Creamy Dishes – Things like a creamy pasta bake or a vegetable or chicken soup can work brilliantly with a refreshing cider and the crispness of the drynk can cut through the richness perfectly.
  • Pork – Roast Pork with a crispy skin is a great example of a dish that is made for cider. Apples have long been used in pork dishes, and for good reason as the two flavours are a match made in heaven.
  • Desserts – Deserts that include apples or cinnamon are naturally delicious when washed down with a mouthful of apple cider. Up the ante by trying our Smashed Cider with a cinnamon dusted and deep-fried doughnut as the cold bubbles are sure to give you serious tingles!

Smashed Citrus:

Our citrus beer is unique with its perfect balance of citrus, malt, hops & barley.

The clean aroma and sparkling nature of our Smashed Citrus beer means that it is a great choice for many different dishes. Light beers like this can work well with light summery dishes and are equally great palate cleansers for spicy and aromatic dishes.

  • Thai Spice – Dishes like Pork with Holy Basil or spicy fishcakes would be perfect with our Smashed Citrus as the crispness of the drink will provide relief from the chilli heat.
  • Curries – Beer has long been a friend of a good curry and our Smashed Citrus beer is a great partner to aromatic and spicy curries as the bubbles will help to cleanse the palate without washing away the flavour.
  • Salads – A tasty Niçoise salad or even something like a chicken and kale combo would work delightfully with the clean flavours of our Smashed Citrus beer.

Everyone is different when it comes to their food and drink pairings, but the good news is that this gives you the perfect excuse to experiment and try different combinations, all with a great drynk in hand of course!

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